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Monster Hunter Generations Quest Unlock Data

Monster Hunter Generations Quest Unlock Data
The first set is Village Flagship Keys. The second set are "if you fulfill this unlock condition what do you unlock". The list is not exhaustive for all Hyper monsters because some Hyper monsters have specific quest chains you must first complete before unlocking the Hyper Monster's quest.

Village 5☆ Key Quest Astalos

Kotoko Village Chief Quest Chain
  • V2 Slay the Velociprey
  • V2 Hunt Down the Velocidrome
  • V3 Local Threat
  • V3 Into the Wyvern's Den
  • V5 The Thunderclaw Wyvern

Pokke Village Chief Quest Chain
  • V2 Slay the Giaprey!
  • V2 The Mountain Roughrider
  • V3 The Shadow in the Mountains
  • V3 No Go on the Popo
  • V5 The Unwavering Colossus

Yukumo Village Chief Quest Chain
  • V2 Bye Bye Jaggia
  • V2 Arzuros the Azure Beast
  • V3 Royal Spit Take
  • V3 A Forest Fracas
  • V5 The Entrancing Water Dancer
Completing 2+ HR6 Key Quests unlock
  • HR6 Miasma Attack (Hyper Gypceros)
  • HR6 Stop the Wacha! (Hyper Kecha Wecha)
  • HR6 The Frog of War (Hyper Tetsucabra)
  • HR6 Where the Wild Manes Are (Hyper Royal Ludroth)
  • HR6 Hyper Investigation (Hyper Yian Kut-Ku)
  • HR6 The Khezu and the Shadow (Hyper Khezu)
Completing 2+ HR6 HYPER Quests unlock

Ergo: Complete two of the above quests to unlock the below quests.
  • HR6 We Are Not Amused (Hyper Rathian)
  • HR6 Zamtrios Fight! (Hyper Zamtrios)
  • HR6 Warning: Hyper Yian Garuga! (Hyper Yian Garuga)
  • HR6 Unnerving Najarala (Hyper Najarala)
  • HR6 Eruption Embodied (Hyper Uragaan)
  • HR6 Born of Darkness (Hyper Nargacuga)
  • HR7 A Thousand Blades of Wrath (Hyper Seregios)
  • HR7 The Unassailable Seltas Queen (Hyper Seltas Queen)
  • HR7 Savage Sword of the Desert (Hyper Glavenus)
  • HR7 Wyvernlit Evening (Hyper Astalos)
  • HR7 Wild Gods, Calm Rangers (Hyper Gammoth)
  • HR7 The Lithe and Unbreaking (Hyper Mizutsune)
  • HR7 The Peril of the Land (Hyper Duramboros)
  • HR7 The Glowing Embers (Hyper Agnaktor)
Requires 2+ HR6 HYPER quests & HR8+
  • HR7 The Birds of Prey (Numerous Hyper Monsters)
  • HR7 The Fanged Beasts (Numerous Hyper Monsters)
  • HR7 The Winged Wyverns (Numerous Hyper Monsters)
  • HR7 The Foes of the Deep (Numerous Hyper Monsters)
  • HR7 The Beasts of Brawn (Numerous Hyper Monsters)
HR-specific Unlocks
  • HR35: Kushala Daora, Chameleos, Teostra
  • HR60: Akantor, Ukanlos
  • HR70: Amatsu
  • HR80: Alatreon
Deviant Quest Unlocks

One or two of these unlocks require completing some villager quest chains; unfortunately I haven't dug deep to identify the data.
  • Redhelm Arzuros: HR2, Clear HR1 The Ingredient of Legend
  • Snowbaron Lagombi: HR2 & Clear HR1 Snow with Occasional Lagombi
  • Stonefist Hermitaur: HR2 & Clear HR1 Shells of Steel
  • Dreadqueen Rathian: HR2 & Clear HR2 Royal Assassination
  • Drilltusk Tetsucabra: Clear HR4 Tackling the Tetsucabra
  • Silverwind Nargacuga: Clear HR5 Nargacuga Throwdown (unlocking Nargacuga Throwdown)
  • Crystalbeard Uragaan: Clear HR5 Fight or Uragaan!
  • Deadeye Yian Garuga: Clear HR5 Worst. Trip. Ever!
  • Dreadking Rathalos: Clear HR5 Rathalos Run & HR5 Lord of the Skies
  • Thunderlord Zinogre: Clear HR6 Topple the Monarch
  • Grimclaw Tigrex: Clear HR6 What a Girl Wants
  • Hellblade Glavenus: Clear HR6 Duel in the Volcanic Hollow