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How to Build the Best Point Guard in NBA 2K16

Okay. First of all, I would just like to say that this guide is not a nitty-gritty guide about how to build the best PG in NBA 2K16. It is only based on my experienced playing the game as PG. Basically, it's all my own opinion and, there's room for improvement so if you can share some things, please do so by contacting us on our facebook page @ facebook.com/webjunkiesblog

Lastly, I would like to state that all of the possible combination on how to build a PG has been tested by me. So, I can safely say that for me, what I have written here is the best build for PG so far. 

Now let's begin.

First of all, let's discuss on how you should build your PG. What I mean is, what's the best score style, height, weight, etc for your PG.

Best Scoring Style

I prefer being an outside scorer. Why? Steph Curry! That's why! One reason that you became I PG is because you want to be like Steph. Or, you just want to be a PG... Well, it's really a personal preference whether you take outside, inside or balance but... Here's what I can say about this.. Outside scorer is more preferable for PG. In online games, not all the times you can drive into the basket by doing ankle breaker then drive as most often, there are Center and PF waiting for you at the bottom of the ring, waiting to swat your shot! My first PG was an inside Scorer PG and I have a really hard time figuring out how to score inside. While being a balance PG makes no sense at all, being good at the inside and being good also in the outside don't really make you a better PG. Yes, you can dunk fancy with this and you have good outside shooting but, my advice is, DON'T BE A JACK OF ALL TRADE IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A PG. Your main focus as a PG is to score when opportunity comes but, the best part of being a PG is making plays for your team. 

Which is why, scoring outside is a way more preferable scoring style for a PG IMO. You can shoot jump shots and call plays with this playstyle. If you are too worried about the ability to drive inside, then don't worry at all as there's the boost features which is unique to NBA 2K16. This feature will give you the ability to override the max values of your attribute. Say that you have 75 inside scoring ability, you can override that and make it and 80 or more with boost feature. SO, DON'T WORRY and TAKE OUTSIDE SCORING.

Best Height

I prefer 6'3". Why? It's because it's the optimum height for a PG IMO. I tried all height variation and 6'3" is the most recommended. This will give you the speed and stamina as a PG and, it will also give you the reach to make some steals and blocks. Plus, it will give you some success in driving as remember, if you're too short, it will be easier for anyone to block your shots. Enough said...6'3" is the best height! period...

Best Weight

I have tried tons of variation on weight but it seems that it's not affecting the attribute of your PG. This needs further testing though... For me, I go with 220 lbs.. Why? To get the Bruiser badge. That's the minimum weight to get it and I just love the way the Bruiser Badge works. Draining your opponents strength and overpowering them.. Very effective specially in crucial minutes in the game wherein defense of the opponent is pretty tight.


Handedness should be personal preference but, dominant dunk hand should be Either. Well, it's a no-brainer I think. About the wingspan, well, you can consider maxing it out for more reach which leads to more ability to steal the ball or block shots. The Body Length is personal preference and the Shoulder Width is also personal preference.

Now let's move on to attribute points. What attributes should you upgrade first?

The first two attributes you should focus is the Jump Shooter and the Athlete attribute. Your an outside scorer PG so it is a no-brainer to get Jump Shooter. As for Athlete, you need this to boost your stamina so you won't be dried up during 3rd or 4th quarters. Also, you need this as a PG as you will perform a lot of maneuvering and speed moves to get out from an opponents defense. 

The next thing you should upgrade of course is Playmaker. It's pretty obvious... A point guard is nothing without his passing skills. After this, go with inside scorer. Well, this will break the monotony as you will not be one-sided once you get this attribute up. You can shoot the ball outside and with inside scorer, you now have the ability to drive. 

The next thing you should upgrade is your defense. The defender attribute will give you a big boost in steal. I don't know about you but I prefer the offensive side first before this. It's a personal preference. You can go defensive first if you want but, well, defense is kinda boring as a PG. If you're a PF or C, then defense is a lot more fun.

And last thing you should upgrade is the Rebounder.. Well, obviously you don't get to hang out with the tall boys around the rim and contest rebounds so, Rebounding is your least priority.

As for the Animation, Signature Moves and other move stuff, well, it's basically personal preference. I go with all Steph Curry in terms of shooting because I love Steph Curry shooting animation and about the signature pet size ups, my main size up is #9 while I go with Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry for the other size up.

How about the Badges? What's are the best Badges for PG?

Well, duh..All of the badges are great for a PG but of course, you can't get all badges like the Post lockdown defender as it's only for C and PF. In my opinion, the best badges for PG are those which boosts your shooting and playmaking.. Be sure to get all offensive badges like Volume Shooter, Deadeye, Fade Ace, etc. For the playmaking part, get the ones that boosts your pick and roll and of course, the ankle breakers like killer crossover. If you want to know how to get these badges then visit our NBA 2K16 Badge Guide.

So that's it guys. That's how I build my PG. Soon, I will be posting videos on how this build works out for me. But now, I got a lot of balling to do before I could brag this PG on you. By the way guys, sorry for the bad english...hahahaha.

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