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How to level up to 55+ fast in Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

credits: This Kritika: Chaos Unleashed leveling guide is brought to us by HummusDip

The guide will cover the following points. 
- Best Leveling up stages. 
- What to do with the gold, items and crafting materials that you get when leveling up.
- Other Misc Tips.

Best Leveling up stages

At a certain point, you will hit a wall where your CP is much lower than the stage requirement, even if your level is higher. This is because your gears are not sufficient (epic and legendaries properly leveled up)

The best way to counter this wall is to farm lower level stages as much as possible and then you will be able to equip higher level equipments which wont need to be epic or legendary.

The reasoning behind this is to not unload your precious gold and karats on gears that you may not necessarily need since you will be under level if you do not grind stages, regardless of your gears. 

The stages you select must give you the most xp to be heart efficient but we all love the extra sapphires drop for some extra gold and hence we will select stages that do both indeed. (keep in mind that depending on your CP, you may need to hit the EX button at the boss)

The wall will be hit around level 25-28. You will not be able to complete the red dungeon and will have a lot of difficulty clearing the other stages in normal and hard modes. 

- LEVEL 25-35
World 3, Stage 4 - (4143 CP req @ hard mode, 4k exp)
if your gear is mostly green and/or non enhanced blue. Highly recommended if you are under 30. 

World 3 Stage 6 - (6178 CP req @ hard mode, 5k exp and enhance sapphires drop for extra gold)
This stage is recommended if you are 25+ with decent epic gears or 30+ with rare gears. 

- LEVEL 35 - 50
World 4 Stage 4 (12042 CP @ Easy, 7k Exp)
Highly recommended to grind here if you are under level 40 since you will most likely have trouble in other modes. It is recommended grealty to update your gears for at least rare + 5-7 on armors and Epic +8-10 on Weapon. 

World 4 Stage 4 (13341 CP @ Normal, 8k Exp)
Recommended for players level 40+ with decent updated gears to their level 
You may do this stage before level 40 on auto if you have good enough gears (i.e. 7k+ atk) but you may die if you do not use a striker or press the ex skill on the boss. (It happened to me multiple times and had to use a low level striker just to ensure the boss wouldn't hit me while my character is killing the minions.)

World 4 Stage 4 (15290 CP @ Hard, 11k Exp)
Doable if you are 45+ with level 40 gears if they are mostly epic rarity at least with proper enhancement or updated rare gears. If you want some extra exp at level 40+, you may do this stage but with a striker and pressing the EX skill. (watchout for the mini boss before the main boss since he hurts!)

You may want to level up your character here until 55 if you are lazy on updating your gears for the next session and could use your gold to level up crafting and treasure chests. (useful for subs where you do not want to spend time on)

In doing so, you will still in the mean time clear the other stages for added exp bonuses as you level up to speed up your leveling. Moreover, you will be able to use 3x stamina points here if you completed the red stage (recommend using high level striker for this) in order to spend less time grinding. 

- LEVEL 50-55

World 5 Stage 6 (15k exp @ Easy, 17k exp @ Normal and 22k exp @ hard)
It is recommended grinding here when your CP is around 45k+ for easy and 50k+ for normal. To achieve this you will need to craft epic gears and enhance them properly, which may be time consuming. 

You may want to consider farming the crafting materials in prior blue stage for armor artisan crafts to acquire 5 epic gears (see above) while getting some exp for the first few levels. 

What to do with the gold and keys that you get when leveling up

Gold should be spent in the following order, when applicable.

1. ENHANCING GEARS - Gold is very important to enhance your gears, specially that the cost to enhance your gears is going UP in the next patch. You will need to enhance your rare and epic gears to meet the CP requirement to grind levels on auto.

2. ENHANCING GEMS - You will need to constantly enhance your gems to maximize your CP. Keep in mind that any enhancement you make to the gems will stay with you forever since the gems are not level specific!

3. MASTERING BRONZE AND SILVER TREASURE CHEST - Dump all your excess gold here since you will want to maximize your gold keys until you hit level 55. You will be forced to open bronze chests early on since you will definately hit the cap if you update your friend list (free bronze key if someone uses you as a striker).
Also opening bronze chests will help you get the green/blue items to enhance your gears.

4. MASTERING ARTISAN CRAFT - ONLY After mastering your bronze and silver chests, master your artisan craft since when you will be within level 40-50, you will be able to craft 2 times artisan weapon per 5 levels brackets giving you a chance to get a legendary weapon and/or armor.

The benefits of having a legendary weapon at a low level is due to the new inherit system. You can use up all gold enhancement tries on your weapon then pay a few karats to inherit all enhancement to a higher level item of same type AND rarity. You will most likely have a +17-19 on the first inherit (depending on your luck) and then you can try again for the remainder (i.e. if you inherited a +19 with 0 try left, you will have a +19 with 6 try left on the new gear, then you repeat and try you luck again!)

P.S. The max level will be 65 in the future so it is ok if you did not acquire a legendary item before you hit 55, since you can inherit your 55 gear to 60. 

5. MASTERING GOLD CHEST - To be done only when you hit level 55 since this is when you want to use all your keys in order to get the 55 gears that you need.

Other Misc Tips

- If you are having trouble clearing a stage on auto for grinding purposes, consider using the lowest level strikers you have to distract the boss in order to not die for attacking minions first (we all know the auto mode is dumb and can't change this fact...)

- Open bronze chests to get green enhancements items to enhance your gears when needed. You may get bonus silver keys (recommend mastering bronze chest early to maximize your silver keys potential.)

- During early levels, 25-40, you may want to use EXPERT craft on your armor to be able to update all 5 pieces while the weapon always use ARTISAN since you only need 1 craft attempt and the chance for legendary (if you're lucky) is there!

- If you are planning on opening chests (bronze and silver), ONLY do it when you are in a level multiple of 5 (i.e. 30, 35, 40...) and BEFORE you craft any piece of equipment, since you get random gears from chests whereas you can choose the gear you want when you craft. 

- Always watch how many crafting materials you have since you do not want to reach the limit and waste more (happened to me multiple times), even if you are not in a multiple of 5, you may want to craft an artisan to have a chance for legendary and inherit it later on. (if you are close to a level multiple of 5, then you may consider to wait.)

- Attempt completing the World for using 3x stamina if you do not feel like spending too much time on the game levleling up (you will only lose 2 chest opening attempts, which always contains nothing good). You may want to have a high level striker to complete the red stage early in all difficulty (seek high level friends!!!)